Maja Pisljar

Maja Pisljar is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and a member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. A social worker from Slovenia who worked with disadvantaged youths, immigrants and people with special needs in her homeland of Slovenia, as well as the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark  and the U.S. She moved to the Berkshires, in Western Massachusetts, in 2017, and feels a strong sense of belonging, to both the land and the community, here.

Maja’s joy and purpose is to hold space for people to deepen their connection to Nature, each other, and to our authentic selves. Her forest therapy guiding springs from years of personal and professional growth, when life challenges brought her to truly listen to the wisdom within and around her. Her work is rooted in connection to Earth, connection to our bodies and to the communities we live in. She deeply believes that bringing reciprocity into our relationship with Nature heals ourselves and the more-than-human-world itself.

When not wandering in the woods and connecting with spirits of nature, you can find Maja sitting in women’s circles, volunteering with people with special needs, learning leathercrafting, moving with the cyclical rhythms of nature, dancing between masculine and feminine and studying this beautiful thing called life.

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